USED Asphalt Shingle Collection Facility
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TV6 News interview from 2012.

Currently over 1826 tons (3,651,763 pounds)
have been Recycled Now
Since Program was Started in 2010
~~approx 115 tractor trailers!~~

As part of it's 2010 expansion project, Superior Woodworks, Inc. now doing
business as Rockwood Concepts/King Quarry-North, is proud to announce
the addition of RESIDENTIAL ASPHALT SHINGLE RECYCLING to it's list of services.
Beginning in December of 2010, Rockwood Concepts / King Quarry-North will begin
accepting clean residential asphalt shingles (shingles, tar paper and nails only)
to be beneficially reused by the hot mix asphalt industry.

This beneficial reuse extends the life and lowers the demands on area landfills.
Offering: Roofing Contractors -cost effective option for disposal
                           Solid Waste Haulers - opportunities to expand your market
                          Home Owners - recycle your old roofing into new roadways!

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Due to a drastic change in the transportation fees
needed to haul shingles to actual recycling company,
2018's rates have been increased to cover the unexpected
rate increase.

Substantial savings to Contractors and Home Owners will be immediately apparent
when compared to the fees associated with traditional disposal fees currently
charged for "landfill" disposal.  ONLY  sorted/clean
 residential asphalt shingles will be accepted.  No construction debris or residential trash will
be accepted.  Call 906-337-0875 for hours of operation.

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1826 tons collected and kept from ending up in landfill
as of 02-26-18  
(will update total periodically)

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